Alfredo revolutionizes the way of making gelato

Alfredo was born in Veneto, more precisely in Conegliano: a garden city with amazing views that can be admired from the top of the Giano Hill, where its castle stands.

Giano, from the Latin, Janus, is the God of beginnings and one of the oldest and most important gods of the Roman, Latin and Italic religion. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the futureand the past. As a God of Doors and Gates, he can look both inside and outside.

The intuition to link the Alfredo name to such an important image comes from the desire to create a format in the world of gelato parlours and cafes geared towards innovation, without forgetting tradition.

Alfredo is a LABORATORY of taste where a gelato parlour, juice bar and cafe give customers great visual, olfactory and gustatory emotions, where time seems to stand still.

Gelato Parlour

A new way of making gelato “in front of the customer’s eyes” without the traditional laboratory. A single machine is used to prepare and serve the gelato that is always fresh and creamy thanks to the continuous churning system.

Juice Bar

An explosion of colours and combinations where fruit, vegetables and spices are centrifuged to create smoothies and milkshakes full of nutritious goodness and antioxidant properties.


Our coffee is a single blend prepared with nine Arabica beans selected from the best crops in the world to offer high quality at all times.